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We work 7 days/evenings a week and do not charge any extra for working weekends or Bank Holidays......

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Swedish Body Massage

- for balancing and relaxation     60mins or 90mins

Using a combination of Swedish strokes this massage can

help to relax,

detox or stimulate leaving you feeling focused and balanced. Pressure can vary from light to very firm depending on your preference.


Deep Tissue Massage

- for active people                         60mins or 90mins

This massage works on a deeper level, specifically targeting areas of stress and tension.

Relaxes tense, tired muscles and releases 'knots'.



Aromatherapy Massage


- for complete relaxation              60mins or 90mins

A deeply soothing and relaxing massage using a blend of essential oils

specially prepared to suit your needs.

An Aromatherapy massage can be relaxing, energising, detoxing or useful in the treatment of conditions

such as headaches, stress, insomnia etc.


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The Brighton Mobile Massage Company